to Mizutek's 25th

Anniversary SALE

Mizutek is selling to customers at Super-Sale prices. Mizutek's 25th Anniversary SUPER-SALE makes the best Japanese water ionizers much more affordable!


"It was love at first sip! This is the lightest, brightest, rarest water in the world!  How many know that ionized water occurs naturally?  Our units deliver the same natural antioxidant, higher pH water as found at a handful of springs on Earth. Our  family drinks this healthy water every day. We never get tired of it. Our pets love it too.

~Stan Arcieri, Founder, Mizutek





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  Mizutek Offers:

  • Superior Japanese Engineering

  • 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty 

  • Best Price in US & World Market

  • Factory Direct Distributor

  • 25 Years in Water Ionizer Business                                            

  • Medical Device Approval

      Japan Ministry of Health 

      Reg. No. 219AKBZX00147000


MIZUTEK Experience quality and informed expertise.  We work worldwide with benign tech for drinking water,  microcidal and sporicidal  sanitization and  bioremediation. 


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