This is the Japanese character for "Mizu" or Water". Mizutek introduced the top-tier Japanese water ionizers into the US. As a distributor for Toyo Metal, Mizutek carried the entire line including the Toyo Metal “Apex” also known as the Enagic® Leveluk® water ionizer - no different than our  new MX-99 water ionizer.   

Toyo Metal made the first Enagic unit. Mizutek sold the identical Enagic "Leveluk" water ionizer under the Toyo Metal "Apex" name at less  than 1/2 the price.  Today, we continue to offer best market pricing with our latest Impart Group MX-99, MX-55 and MX-33 water ionizers. 

Toyo Metal became Enagic. Some executives and engineers left to join  Impart Group.  Today, we work with the same people at Impart Group that we worked with at Toyo Metal.  We’re from the same brain trust that makes Enagic units. We offer corresponding excellence in our water ionizers.
Toyo Metal   Enagic  
Since1994, Mizutek and sister company, Hydroanalytics, have  imported topmost Japanese water ionizers. We understand the tech, having in-house built our own water ionizer. Mizutek has  diversely consulted with Univ of Colorado, Costco Corporate, Esssentia Water and others. We're happy to consult in commercial applications from commercial water bottling to sanitization to hydrocarbon and organic waste bio-remediation. 

Mizutek sold the first 5-electrode commercial acid water ionizer  in the US to Johnson & Johnson. This 5-electrode unit from Toyo Metal outputs  <2.5 pH water with an ORP of >1050.  We are evaluating applications for our 5-electrode unit that outputs 12.8pH - 13.0 pH.  (Please see our FAQ on ELECTRODES.) Mizutek  offers you the best water ionizer technology at affordable pricing so more people can enjoy the natural benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich antioxidant water.  


     Experience Quality.
Impart Group, founded in 1985, is the only water ionizer manufacturer in Japan, aside from Enagic, presently producing  advanced engineering  water ionizers. Mizutek is proud to offer you the leading Impart Group water ionizers and to continue our quarter-century tradition of offering  our customers  the very best water ionizers in the world at highly exceptional pricing. 

"Mizutek Offers You Informed Expertise and Unsurpassed Quality at  the Best Price.  That's our Open-Secret Formula for staying in the water ionizer business for 25 years! We're in it because we love it." 

~Stan Arcieri, Founder, Mizutek

MIZUTEK Experience quality and informed expertise.  We work worldwide with benign tech for drinking water,  microcidal and sporicidal  sanitization and  bioremediation. 


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