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Impart Group is renowned in Japan for engineering excellence in water ionization since 1985. The company includes executives and engineers from Toyo Aitex who made the first Enagic Water Ionizers.  We represent corresponding excellence in Japanese engineering. We're from the same brain trust.

Mizutek's MX-55 and MX-99 units offer you the same hydrogen-rich drinking water. The MX-99

additionally provides sanitizing 2.5 pH ionized acid water. These are our high-end water ionizers from Japan. 

Impart Group’s MX-55 is the next generation Japanese Water Ionizer. It replaced our IE-500 Water Ionizer.

MX-99 (Excel-FX) Water Ionizer made by Impart Group in Japan 

The elegant design of our robust MX-99 water ionizer includes a large-sized digital display indicating pH, ORP and water flow. The MX-99 generates both alkaline drinking water and super acidic water.    Impart Group’s MX-99 Water Ionizer  replaced our IE-900 unit.
 MX-99 Water Ionizer                         Easy to Use English Control Panel                    Earlier Model IE-900

MX-99 25th Anniversary Price: $1489.    MX-99 Retail Price: $2995. 


MX-55 (Excel-SX) Water Ionizer made by Impart Group in Japan 

 MX-55 Water Ionizer                                    Easy to Use Control Panel                             Earlier Model IE-500

MX-55 Retail Price: $1695.    

MX-33 (Excel-EX) Water Ionizer made by Impart Group in Japan 
Impart Group’s MX-33 is the next generation Japanese Water Ionizer. It replaced our IE-300 Water Ionizer.
     MX-33 Water Ionizer                                                                                         Earlier Model IE-300

MX-33 Retail Price: $1199. 


Purchase Considerations

The above water ionizers will all serve you well. If affordable (our SuperSale is on!), we see the MX-55 unit as an optimal choice owing to its long-term reliability. All our units perform at an optimal level. We exclusively  offer high-end Japanese water ionizers at an unprecedented price.

If you’re interested in our extraordinary MX-99 5-electrode unit that can roughly output <2.5 pH  and >+1000 mV, consider these benefits of experience.   

ALL heavy-duty industrial units use only 5 electrodes - no exceptions. Some say the more electrodes the better.  Fact: No commercial water ionizers have more than 5 electrodes.  This is based on  electro-physics as we discuss in our FAQ. We have a 5-electrode ionizer than outputs 13.0 pH alkaline water for special apps. Be versed: Water ionizers with more electrodes can't  deliver 13.0 pH water. Key point: Quality engineering is what really counts, same with cars, computers or jet planes. Mizutek consulted with a bottling plant that used a giant  water ionizer to commercially produce alkaline ionized water. Their unit uses 3 electrodes. 3 large electrodes  are  all that is required to output optimal healthy drinking water. Adding electrodes, truth told, is a random sales gimmick, not founded in historical use or in health science. Best  is to follow nature.  Some new ionizers add more current – easy  enough to do – to boost pH and ORP. Our FAQ  reviews the science of oxidant/antioxidant cycles in the body. 

The pH and the -ORP in our water  ionizers correspond with nature. We discuss all this in our FAQ.  Stay with nature and with the proven use of ionized alkaline water in Japanese society over decades of use. We feel strongly about that.  

Speaking with hundreds of people for years, including  former ‘Kangen’  reps who later became our dealers,  we see most people, after an initial 60-day period, stop using the super-acid water function. It takes too long to use. Hydrogen peroxide works as well and more easily too. While we make more profit when we sell an MX-99, we’re also here to also establish a relationship. Please closely consider your actual application. The 5-electrode MX-99 also produces ionized drinking water. With ionized alkaline drinking water, there is no advantage to using more than 3 electrodes. 

Mizutek pioneered the introduction of super-acid water in the US.  We were first in the US to introduce industrial 5-electrode super-acid water ionizers from Toyo Metal (later Enagic) to a major US corporation. We’ve also in-house built our own water ionizer. Deeply as we’ve been involved, we ourselves don’t  to use the acid water in our homes or office.  As our FAQ mentions, acid water from 2.5 pH to 6.0 pH dries your skin. 2.5 pH water is not advisable to use as a mouthwash because it may create micro-abrasions on your tooth enamel. It is not for use with atopic dermatitis.  We have extensive experience in benign sanitization. If you have specific applications, we are on hand   to discuss these with you. We hope these comments are helpful.  

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