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The Original “Kangen Water” Guys. We introduced Japanese water ionizers into the US and sold Enagic “Kangen” water ionizers at wholesale prices before they went MLM.  Our present units are manufactured in Japan by engineers who worked for Enagic.  


Engineering Experience. We built our own water ionizer in-house with a German engineering team. Mizutek delivered the first commercial water ionizer in the US to Johnson & Johnson. We consult worldwide and offer novel bioremediation and electrolytic solutions from commercial drinking water to germicidal, viricidal and, remarkably, sporicidal applications. 


Quick Word on Ionizer Reviews and Reports.  

Don’t be misled by fake Buyer’s Guides not written by an independent review group. Self-serving reviews are the main sales tool used by some salesmen. Be versed: they’re not objective or trustworthy. We note many misleading facts. For ex., see below on the frankly silly idea that inexpensive ‘chicken wire’ electrodes are superior to more costly flat platinum electrodes.  You be the judge.  

We seek to make the tech easy to understand. Ask when you want anything clarified. That helps us to be better too. Let’s start our discussion with electrodes. We don’t want you to simply believe our explanation. We want you to easily understand it and compare it with whatever else is said. Our goal is to help people determine things for themselves.
We have 11-electrode water ionizers  but the quick answer is NO . 3 large titanium plated electrodes are the standard for drinking water.  5 electrodes are the standard for ALL commercial super-acid and super-alkaline water ionizers. Be versed:  No high-performance  commercial water ionizers that produce  high alkaline or low acid water use more than 5 electrodes. 
FACT: All commercial grade water ionizers have 5 electrodes, not more. This is the standard. We below provide practical examples.  From phones to cars to water ionizers,  it’s the total engineering that counts. A focus on any one component is misleading.  A turbo 4-cylinder BMW is superior to a vanilla 6-cylinder car. Value and quality are in the total system design. Quality engineering makes the real difference.

5-Electrode Case-in-Point:  Mizutek sold the first commercial grade acid water ionizer in the U.S. to Johnson & Johnson. The 5-electrode ionizer was made by Toyo Metal (now Enagic). Our water ionizer output  <2.5 pH with >+1,050 mV ORP. The commercial performance unit used 5 electrodes only. This relates to the electrophysics in the 5-plate configuration.  This is the best design!  Be versed: All  heavy-duty high-performance water ionizers use 5 electrodes, not more. You assuredly don’t need 7,9,11 or 15 electrodes to make drinking water. That’s a marketing gimmick.

Another 5-Electrode Case in Point: Mizutek has been a commercial water ionizer agent for KS CO in Japan. KS’ 5-electrode ionizer generates 12.8 pH to 13.0 pH ionized water for vertical applications. There are no 7, 11 or more electrodes unit that can output 13.0 water.  5-electrode units are the industry standard for intensive water ionizer applications. 


                                                                      Some models may not use 100% Platinum! 

QUESTION: What is the Best Electrode Metal Content & Design?

Some popular water-ionizers may not use platinum-coated electrodes! Mizutek has hands-on background in electrode and water ionizer design. We know the tech first-hand having built our own water ionizer in-house.


Electrodes should be Platinum-coated only.  Some Korean ionizers use “Permelec” electrodes Their site says their electrodes are platinum and platinum family metals. The platinum family includes Platinum + Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, Iridium. Platinum alone is safe. It has been fully tested as an electrode for human consumption of drinking water. Are ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium electrodes safe for human use as per the description by Permelec of their electrode ?  Are you possibly drinking dissolved particles of platinum family metals? This should be known. If the Permelec electrodes for water ionizers are pure platinum, although their site doesn't seem to say that, a certificate to that effect would clarify the reality. 

High-end Japanese units only use pure platinum, not platinum-family metals. In making our own unit, we rejected the “platinum family” and used only proven-safe platinum.  We rejected ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium because electrodes coated with these metals may not last as long as platinum AND if so, that means they are dissolving metals ions in the water. We know that platinum is tested safe for drinking water. Does that apply to Osmium, Ruthenium and Rhodium?  Without seeing rigorous test results for human consumption, we recommend only platinum electrodes for human use.


Water ionizer electrodes are finely milled to be perfectly flat. Water flow  across the electrode must likewise be perfectly even. An even water flow means that heat distribution is equally distributed. An uneven water flow places uneven pressure on the electrode. Uneven flow means that one part of the electrode will wear out faster than another. As regards the “Permelec” electrodes, they are not flat. The principle of extremely even water flow over the electrodes pertains to longer electrode life. 



                                                                              11-Electrode Ionizer 

We have an 11-electrode unit for $749 (free shipping in US). Electrodes are made in Japan and coated with pure platinum (not platinum family).  The patented membrane for ionic separation is made in Japan.

 You may contact us for more info. Be versed: 3 electrodes are all that's required for making ionized alkaline           drinking water  A 5-electrode  or 15-electrode unit does not enhance the drinking water. 








                                                     Hydrogen-Rich Ionized Water Occurs Naturally!


The quick answer is YES although ionized alkaline water springs are extremely rare. Trinity Springs located in        Ketchum, Idaho is one of those rare natural springs where the renowned water is a little above 9.0 pH and          with an ORP of -400 mV.  Above is a photo from the Springs. Our water ionizers duplicate this exceptional            negative ion water right at your tap giving you the  benefit of drinking the brightest, lightest, rarest water on 

Earth in the convenience of  your home. 

MIZUTEK Experience quality and informed expertise.  We work worldwide with benign tech for drinking water,  microcidal and sporicidal  sanitization and  bioremediation. 


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