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Water From A Different Time and Place
Naturally ionized water from Ketchum Springs, 
At Trinity Springs - located  in Ketchum Springs, ID, USA - the water bubbles up from the source with a pH of between 9.0 and <9.5  and a measurable negative ion charge of between -300 mV and -400 mV.
Trinity Springs is part of a 20-mile deep impermeable granite barrier protecting water reserves from industrial impurities. The spring  extends 2.2 miles through faults, crystal layers and dissimilar charging minerals in the deep rock—providing an outlet for the 16,000-year-old water. It is water from the end of the last ice age. The renowned Institute Fresenius laboratory in Frankfurt, Germany, highly commends the springs as “one of the highest quality water sources in the world.” The institute gave the source the first Naturliches Heilwasser designation in North America - which is water with natural healing properties.
Our water ionizer is a platinum-electrode hydrogen cell  using a patented ionic  separation membrane.  It  essentially duplicates the ionic qualities of this rare water directly at your tap. Here’s what that means and why we stay enthused  after 25  years of working with ionized microwater. ~ Stan Arcieri, Founder, Mizutek.
Ionized alkaline water is altogether different from adding baking soda to your water. Sodium bicarbonate in water may register around the same pH level as  hydrogen-rich, anti-oxidant microwater.  That's where their similarity ends. They are by no means scientifically the same. pH and negative ions appear at the same time  to create this singular water. Here's a primer on  the hallmarks: 
Hydrogen-Rich Antioxidant
H2O  with antioxidant qualities?  It’s fairly easy to grasp the basic science that explains this.  We don’t need a PhD  to understand  ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) and the Redox Cycle. Let’s go into it.
With rust, oxidation takes an electron away from iron.  Extensive electron theft (oxidation) develops into corrosion or common rust. An oxidant is known as an electron thief. It steals an electron from inorganic materials like iron or from your living organ tissues.  In excess, these free radicals cause damage
To the rescue: an anti-oxidant is called an electron-donor.  The oxidant steals an electron from your organ tissues. An anti-oxidant puts the electron back!
Oxidant = electron thief.  Your tissues lose an electron.

Anti-oxidant = electron donor. Your tissues gain an electron.

It’s not  that antioxidants are the good guys and oxidants are the bad guys. Our immune systems vitally depends on oxidative processes  to combat microbes. It’s about balance. And this relates to how we calibrate ORP and pH to be optimally life-positive.
Tap water from your faucet has a measurable charge from +200 mV to +600 mV. That's typical.  We use an  ORP meter to measure energy in water in mV. Most water – worldwide – with very rare exceptions has a positive charge. That's important in the grand design.  Positively charged water is mildly oxidant  and prevents microbes from overgrowing in water. Water with -325 mV ORP has a negative ionic charge. It is hydrogen rich antioxidant water with an abundance of free elections. By using platinum electrodes in what is effectively a specialized hydrogen cell, we duplicate negative ion water as found in a precious few world renowned springs. 
Buyer Beware
ORP & Balance
  • Be versed: Ionizers that provide drinking water with a 10.0  pH or crank up the ORP charge are not based on the history of drinking healthy ionized alkaline water. It’s a  sales gimmick only and lacks science.  

  •  Our Japanese water ionizers duplicate the qualities of ionized water as found in nature.  Japanese water ionizers are purposely calibrated to deliver up to 9.5 pH with a typical ORP from -150 mV to -450 mV. That corresponds with nature. Randomly raising pH or ORP does not come from Japan’s Ministry of Health. 

  • Basic Knowledge: More is not better with ORP and pH.  The Yin/Yang circle corresponds  to  the way our biochemistry balances anti-oxidation (electron donation) and oxidation (electron theft). When an antioxidant donates an electron, it then begins to move in an opposite oxidant direction. Yin turns to Yang.  Too much in one direction turns into its opposite. For example, intravenously injecting 12 grams of Antioxidant Vitamin C into the blood quickly turns into its opposite: a microbe killing  oxidant. The Redox Cycle is all about Balance. Adding more and more antioxidants as if we are at war with our oxidant processes is  unwise.

  • pH is logarithmic. Each number is 10x greater than the previous.  A pH of 8.0 is 10x greater than a pH of 7.0. A pH of 9.0 is 10x greater than a pH of 8.0.  A pH of 9.0 is thus 100x greater than a pH of 7.0.  A pH of 10.0 is 1,000x higher than a pH of 7.0.  Going above 9.5 pH is not suggested for drinking water. 

  • Mizutek is versed in pH.  Mizutek has a 5-electrode unit that outputs 13.0 pH. We've also built our own water ionizer in-house. We know the tech.  No 15 electrode unit can output 13.0 pH. Neither Impart Group nor Mizutek will ever add more pH or ORP to drinking water by increasing wattage.  

  • There are good reasons why alkaline ionized water is not designed to go over 9.5 pH. The Japanese Ministry of Health & Welfare (same as US FDA) has thoroughly studied and evaluated that ionized alkaline water  is broadly beneficial for gastrointestinal upset. Our above “Water From A Different Time and Place” discussion pertains to water at a certain pH and -ORP.   

Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Measurable hydrogen-rich, negative-ion water with a “–ORP” is antioxidant. Antioxidants donate electrons to protect your cells from the effects of excessive free radicals from our environment. They can help in reducing high levels of  inflammation in your body.
Micro-Cluster Wetter Water
As measured by NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) testing,  hydrogen rich ionized water has smaller molecular clusters. Japanese researchers state this makes the water more hydrating. Example: If you put a tea-bag in ionized alkaline water, it will visibly pull more tea out of the bag and faster. We have not seen measurements after 24 hours. 
To the left is an NMR test showing that ionized alkaline water has transient smaller clusters than ordinary water. This measurement pertains to quantum chemistry.  Microwater is said to have more minima making it more hydrating. Mizutek sought to do more research in this area at the Anschutz Medical Campus at the Univ of Colorado. We quickly learned that R&D NMR lab costs would be in the millions. For an informal  kitchen lab test, you can see the absorbency difference by making a cup of your favorite tea.
pH of Ionized H2O
Suffice to say that ionized alkaline water is completely different from adding sodium bicarbonate to water. Dr. C.L. Kennedy, on Mizutek’s staff, cautions people from doing that on an ongoing basis. No extra minerals are added to make ionized alkaline water. You can drink it all the time - unlike ordinary high mineral alkaline water.  We duplicate hydrogen-rich alkaline water as found at natural springs, .  This is delicious, light and healthful water!
Ionized water with a high pH level has a higher amount of antioxidative electrons agents and is designated by -ORP, which is a negative ORP reading. Water with a low pH has a higher amount of oxidizing agents and is designated by +ORP, which is a positive ORP reading.
Ionic Minerals

An ion is a mineral or element that has a positive or negative charge. On the molecular level, that means the element has either too many or too few electrons. This unstable ionic state allows the element to bond readily with water, making it possible for the body to absorb it.

Smooth Taste

HEALTHY PLEASURE  People who try ionized alkaline water the first time are pleasantly surprised at how smooth, bright and light it tastes; and how agreeable it feels to the body.


Ionized Acid  Water for Sanitization

 pH < 2.5

ORP > +1000 mV

Hydrochlorous Solution



All 3 above characteristics must be present  for ionized acid water to effectively kill microbes. Working with Medical Research Faculty at the Univ of Colorado, Mizutek verified that a less than 2.5 pH, an ORP greater than +1000 mV and a hypochlorous (not chlorine) solution are necessary to kill germs on contact. The ionic separation process reduces the pH, raises the +ORP and separates the chloride portion of salt (sodium chloride) into the acid water. That’s how the process work.

Mizutek pioneered the introduction of ionized acid water in the US. Mizutek sold the first 5-electrode industrial acid water ionizer in the US to Johnson & Johnson. (ALL heavy-duty commercial water ionizers use 5 electrodes, not more.) Johnson & Johnson  had been using peracetic acid to clean their lines. acid water was first tested  at J&J's industrial lab for killing pathogens and it was proven to work, Its use was to replace peracetic acid. Mizutek is globally available to consult on benign methods for sanitization from microcides to sporicides.

Ionized acid water is proven to kill microbes  on contact. Here's a study on its use for Inactivating Microbes. It acts externally much as oxidative processes work internally in our bloodstream to kill microbes. Due to its high oxidative nature, when disposing down drains, it is always mixed with very high alkaline water. If that is not done, the ionic oxidative acid water will corrode the pipes at an accelerated rate. Here are some characteristics:

 Superoxide water is uniquely safe for operators and all personnel. There are virtually no associated occupational hazards.  Hence, standard protection measures are no longer necessary. These includes transport, containment, storage and hazardous run-off disposal problems plus associated record-keeping required with conventional chemical supplies.
“We demonstrated the technology to a group of engineers who were accustomed to working with toxic chemicals. There were shower stalls where people worked so anyone could rinse within seconds of getting chemicals on their skin. There was no precedent for a safe sanitizing agent. I poured some super-acid ionized water in a paper cup and, without notice, drank a little oxidant water in front of the startled engineers. I assured them it was no different than drinking a little dilute food-grade hydrogen peroxide. It’s very safe for personnel." – Stan Arcieri, Founder, Mizutek    




Ads and questionable "Reviews" say to use ionized acid water pH 5.0 to pH 6.0 on dry skin. If you have dry skin, you don’t want to do that because ionized acid water is oxidative. It will further dry your skin. If you have oily skin or acne, use guardedly.


A woman with eczema called Stan at Mizutek asking about using 2.5 pH ionized acid water on her blistered eczema.  Aside from never giving out medical advice, Stan told her not to use it as a treatment because it could cause pitting in the skin. It turns out that she had severe eczema and had already been using 2.5 pH on her arms and legs based on the over-zealous advice of a “Report”. She confirmed that she had terrible pitting all over her skin and was calling around to get to the bottom of her problem. A milder example is the recommendation for using acid water on the hair as an astringent. Bear in mind, if you have dry hair, the same applies. It will dry out your hair. Better is to use some apple cider vinegar and rinse well.  Mizutek  provides you with dependable facts.  

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